Sarah Hamilton Coaching - Life Coaching



"What can't I say about Sarah! My time spent working with her was life changing. With the help and guidance of Sarah's  program, I was able to overcome some very challenging issues and ultimately succeed in my main objective! I went into my sessions wanting to learn how to open up to new relationships and find love! And it might sound crazy, but two weeks after my last session I met my now fiancé. Sarah's approach to life coaching was exactly what I needed to kick me into shape and start leading the life I knew I deserved to live!" -Lauren (a very happy & fulfilled client)

“Working with Sarah gave me the ability to see that I could slow down and choose small goals and small steps and I wasn’t overwhelmed by the big picture anymore. And I arrived at my goal so much faster.” – DJ. Cancer Patient, CT


“I love Sarah’s coaching style and energy. Her voice is soothing and made me feel comfortable. In our sessions, she shifted my energy and lifted my spirit. I always look forward to our next coaching session.” – SCT, Boston


“I am learning to meditate…who knew a business woman like me could learn to sit still! I know this is one of the reasons I am able to get through my radiation.” – SA, Brooklyn, NY


"Before Sarah I was unable to approach the conversation with my partner about sex and now we're back to rockin in the bedroom!  Her complete non-judgement was so refreshinging and I was able to realize that I had to start with me!" - Deb, NYC


"Sarah is a breath of fresh air who transmits life wherever she goes, and in whomever she touches. My life has been greatly impacted by her coaching expertise and profound life experience, which is what gives her clients such incredible results. I immediately felt comfortable opening up to her and gained a part of myself only Sarah could have pointed to. Thanks for making the difference in my life!” – Alissa, NYC



Please note, typical results may vary from person to person.