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About Sarah

“What’s my opportunity here?” is a question Sarah Hamilton never ceases to ask herself. Naturally vibrant and positively energetic, Sarah is a woman who doesn’t allow life’s challenges to get in the way of her growth. In fact, she believes challenges are to be overcome in order to transform our lives and allow us all to find the joy that is our birthright.


Sarah’s belief was put to the test when diagnosed in 2002 with MS, then 18 months later with Stage 2 Parotid Gland Cancer. “What’s my opportunity here?” was the question that kept repeating itself. She knew pain was inevitable, but chose to see the glory in the challenge that was in her body. Taking on this perception of her circumstances enables Sarah to share her experience, strength and hope with her clients today. Because of where she’s been, Sarah is profoundly familiar with life’s multi-faceted journeys and is more attuned to her clients who have challenges of all kinds and on all sides.


Sarah has spent the past 22 years preparing for this moment as a Certified Life Coach. She has devoted years to intensive spiritual practice and is an eternal student of humanity. While receiving a BFA from New York University she studied philosophy and psychology, which was a catalyst for her deep metaphysical and spiritual practice. She brings with her a background as a professional working Actress and Voice-over Artist of 15 years, along with her experience as a Director, Fund Raiser, and Public Speaker. Her greatest take-away was the lesson of “the choice to let things go.” She recently spoke at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan as the first non medical professional at their After Hours Seminar at The Corinne Goldsmith Dickinson Center for Multiple Sclerosis. Sarah has also performed as a featured speaker at the Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative’s Nothing Like A Dame benefit that is part of the Actors’ Fund of America. She was then asked to speak at the Easter Bonnet Benefit, which was presented by Broadway Care/Equity Fights AIDS (BC/EFA). The Easter Bonnet and Nothing like a Dame are annual fundraisers to help artists in the performing industry who are unable to support themselves during a medical crisis.


Sarah is very proud to be a founding Board Member of Statement Arts (StArt), a nonprofit organization that believes in the power of art to inspire social and cultural change. StArt took great pride in their 2005 Bayou Tour. Sarah and her business partner traveled down to the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast with a busload of Broadway singers and performers to sing holiday songs of hope in the most neglected and forgotten areas. Through Statement Arts she has taught and inspired hundreds of children at the High School for Environmental Studies in New York City. As a result of her motivational speaking and activist work, Sarah has raised millions of dollars between Dames, Easter Bonnet, and Kids with Cameras; a nonprofit organization based on the 2004 Academy Award-winning documentary, Born into Brothels.  Sarah is currently studying to get her Masters in clinical mental health at Western Connecticut State University.


Sarah’s passion and exuberance for effective communication with people, combined with her empathetic nature and keen intuition, allows her clients the security to love their most authentic selves.


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