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About My Services

I take pride in developing solutions and services that bring lasting results for my clients. If you have any questions about my programs or want to discuss coaching programs, please contact me.


Coaching Methods

  • One on one coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Seminar: “Life is Now! A Seminar on Staying in the Moment"
  • Seminar: "12 Steps to a Heart Centered Relationship"
  • Tele-seminars
  • Energy LeadershipTM Index Assessments

Coaching Areas


  • Energy Leadership Index TM Master Practitioner
  • Retrain and shift your thinking
  • Relationship Fulfillment
  • Spirituality
  • Meditation
  • Learning to Live in the moment


One on One Coaching

This is my most popular option and the one suited for most people. One-on-One coaching provides the fastest and most profound results. Individual coaching is a monthly program with weekly coaching sessions over the phone or Zoom. In addition, the client can email the coach throughout the week with issues, concerns, insights, or questions.


Group Coaching

Group coaching is good for clients on a limited budget or who desire the dynamics that occur in a group setting. It is performed either monthly or weekly over the phone in a conference call setting. Included will be opportunities to discuss your individual situation within the group format. More details about how group coaching works and the benefits are available. If this interests you, please contact me for our current group coaching details and opportunities. Sign-up for my May-July sessions! 3 months every other week for only $180! What a deal!!



Seminars and Tele-Seminars

If this interests you, please contact me for our current Seminar and Tele-seminar schedule.


Energy Leadership TM Index Assessment

Want to know your core beliefs and perceptions that are holding you back from reaching your goals? Do you want better energy in your life, so that you can lead yourself and others? Do you want a tool to enable you and your coach to better, faster results? Then I have a tool just for you!


The Energy Leadership TM Index (E.L.I) is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables people to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities. The assessment gives you a baseline for your current core energy and leadership abilities. We are all leaders. First and foremost we lead ourselves. Whether we like it or not, we also lead our spouses, our children, our friends, and the people we work with. Our core energy affects everyone around us. We can affect the energy of those around us in a positive or negative way.


Awareness of your core energy can make the way you show up in the world a choice! The realizations you will gain from the Energy Assessment and debrief process will change the way you view your world.


The E.L.I. is a complete package to immediately shift your energy and improve your results. After completing the online assessment, you will receive a customized report with your results within a few days. In addition, as part of the package, you receive a 60 minute one-on-one debrief with Sarah Hamilton, an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Certified Professional Coach.








Guided Meditation mp3's


Listen to a sample of one of my meditation tracks...



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